The Pandemic Is Changing Homebuyer Preferences

July 28, 2020 8:47 am

a huge outdoor pool in front of a houseAs the nation starts to slowly reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market is seeing some changes in the purchasing preferences of homebuyers. According to a recent article from Forbes, buyers are beginning to prioritize things such as square footage, yards and office space over a great location. Here are two of the major buyer preferences that seem to be changing:

Size over location – Due to spending more time at home, people are starting to value size over location when considering a purchase. Many people who live in cities are searching for homes in more suburban areas in an effort to spread out from other people and find a home with more square footage. Additionally, searches for homes with larger outdoor areas and pools have also increased as buyers aim to find a space where they enjoy spending most of their time.

Office space – With so many Americans working from home, the need is rising for at least one, if not two, offices or rooms that can convert from an office to another functional space. For many people with children, having doors that shut for privacy will also be necessary.

Overall, it seems that the way people search for homes is evolving as America begins to find a new normal and adapt to the current conditions. Real estate agents who can make the most of technology to help buyers find the perfect homes are likely to be the most successful as buyers aim to limit interaction. For some tips on selling homes virtually, click here.

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